Hitaltech are pleased to offer the Italtronic range of electronic enclosures including; DIN rail mounting enclosures, wall mounting and panel mounting electronic enclosures to suit applications in HVAC, Building automation and energy metering markets.

DIN Rail Mounting Enclosure

Through Italtronic and Hitaltech’s extensive knowledge and experience in plastics, mould tool design and injection moulding, Hitaltech are pleased to offer a range of DIN Rail mounting enclosures which are manufactured to the highest of standards.

Hitaltech are able to offer standard off the shelf DIN Rail mounting enclosures and hand held enclosures which can be customised to customer specific requirements through machining and/or printing at a highly competitive price.

Through this customisation of the DIN rail mounting enclosures Hitaltech can supply a finished product housed in an enclosure which fits the needs of marketing and sales as well as the functional requirements of the design engineers working on the project.

A case study discussing the customisation service used by end customer Schneider Electric can be found by clicking here.

Modulbox For Raspberry Pi (B)
DIN Rail Enclosure for Raspberry Pi
Modulbox for Raspberry Pi (B+)
DIN Rail mounting enclosure for embedded
DIN Rail Mounting Enclosure
Modulbox XT/XTS
DIN Rail Mounting Enclosure
Modulbox XTS Compact
DIN Rail Mounting Enclosure
Modulbox XT PLC
DIN Rail Mounting Enclosure
Railbox For Raspberry Pi
Vertical DIN Rail enclosure for Raspberry Pi
Vertical DIN Rail Mounting Enclosure
Railbox Compact
DIN Rail Mounting Enclosure
IP65-IP67 Enclosures
Enclosures for electronics/electrical applications
Wall mounting/Hand Held Enclosure
Wall Mounting Enclosure
Enclosure for Building Automation Applications
DIN Rail Mounting Enclosure
Support XT
DIN Rail Mounting Enclosure
DIN Rail Mounting Enclosure
Panel Mounting Enclosure
Incabox XT
Panel Mounting Enclosure
IP65-IP68 Cable Glands
Accessories for IP rated enclosures
Wall Mounting
Wall Mounting Enclosures
Hand Held Enclosures
(Wall Mounting Options Available)